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Intracity Services has over 10 years of experience in the industry offering specialized courier services. We are ideally placed and are in a position to offer you efficient and professional services. We provide delivery reports on soft data in excel sheet or on any suitable format. We have a strong network spread all over Mumbai city in 20 offices and Domestic level 28 offices. In addition we have web based tracking system that is simple, effective and user friendly. Operating procedure for all our operations can be customized to specifically meet the needs of your organization especially for bulk deliveries and specialized services.

Regular Services

  • Banking Services
  • Drop Box Pick-Up
  • Doorstep Banking
  • Merchant Cheque Delivery Services
  • CMS Pickup
  • Critical /Bulk delivery
  • Domestic/international services

Specialized Services

  • Meal Coupon Deliveries & Pick Up
  • Payment Pick-Up
  • Movement of Outward Clearing
  • Domestic Freight Forwarding
  • Manpower Services

  • • Deliveries of bank statement, credit card statement, depository statement. etc...
  • • Deliveries of welcome kit, cheque books, debit cards, cheque returns and high value cheque pick-ups.
  • • Deliveries of Instruction booklets, TDS certificates, and marketing mailers.
Special Services Offered
  • Doorstep banking: Daily pick up of financial instruments from various locations as per bank’s instructions.
  • Pick up from drop box: Daily clearance of drop boxes across the city for various banks & telecom players.
  • Outward clearing movement : Pick up of financial instruments from various branches of a bank & submission at the processing centre within defined timelines
  • Pick-up of Payment: Collection of cheques from customers on behalf of various banks, insurance companies.
  • Express Pickup & Delivery: Delivery of packets to various customers depending on the urgency. Is defined in 4hrs/8hrs/12hrs/24hrs time bracket.
  • Merchant Cheque Delivery Service: Delivery of merchant establishment cheques on behalf of various banks within a defined delivery schedule.
Other Services
  • • Cheque Pickup
  • • Data Processing

Telecom Sector
  • • Mobile landline Bills Delivery
  • • Landline Bills Delivery
  • • Delivery of Duplicate Bills
  • • Delivery of Welcome Letters
  • • TDS Certificates delivery
Special Services Offered
  • • Dedicated drop box pick-up
  • • Sim delivery

Insurance / Share Broker / Mutual Fund Sector
  • • Premium renewal reminders & receipts
  • • Marketing mailers
  • • Delivery of cover notes/ Contract notes
  • • IPO forms
  • • Share certificate
  • • Pick up of medical report

Corporate Sector
  • • Delivery of Books / Magazines / Letters / Delivery of Packet / Parcel / Gifts
  • • Corporate mailers
  • • Power bills
  • • Ordinary packets
  • • Membership renewal letters
  • • Membership cards delivery
Special Services Offered
  • • Mail room management
  • • Inter office movement of documents / files